About The Brand Emporium

The Brand Emporium is a digital asset marketplace where you can buy anything from domain names to complete turn-key brands and entire businesses. We set up the framework for a variety of niche businesses so you don't have to hassle with choosing a brand name, creating and uploading a website, registering for social properties, choose the right monetization strategy and more. When you buy a complete brand from The Brand Emporium, everything is already set up for you. All you have to do is supply content and you're in business. We take all the headaches and hassles out of setting up a niche or affiliate business for you. 

JT CloughCo-Owner

Jt Clough has been creating profitable brands since before branding was even a thing. Her first advertising agency was founded in 1995. Yeah, before Google was a thing. And that’s the reason she brings some serious intuitive knowledge to niche branding. Nothing compares to hands on experience through trends. Owning and operating businesses from brick and mortar, marketing online and entering the e-commerce world, the ability to recognize and brand a niche that does well is innate for Jt. She brings 29 years worth of profitable experience in branding and picking the right niche at the right time to The Brand Emporium.

Jason MoffattCo-Owner

For over 13 years, Jason Moffatt has created more brands and income streams than he can possibly keep track of. He has a special knack for spotting opportunities and choosing industries that have the best chance at being profitable. A veteran in the affiliate marketing space, Jason knows what it's like to sell in hundreds of different markets. With his vast experience in knowing what works, you can feel comforted knowing your new brand was created in the right hands.