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Startup Branding

Branding for startups. How important is it?

Way. Important.

Especially in the wake of the fact that social media plays a large part in marketing for any business hoping to be found, let alone sell anything online.

We’re about to walk through how to resonate, the way you to talk to your audience and the way people see your business online, with that one little piece that’s very big, the constant brand everywhere you show up.

How to get started!

Branding can stop a business from taking off from the get go. Bold statement. But it’s true.

The reason? You can look at other people’s logos and social media presence all day long. Think yeah, I want something like that. And then you go at getting it done and everything grinds to a halt.

You post 37 different renditions of a logo online and ask your Facebook feed which one they like. No one agrees. Or people like one that you hate.

So you post one on your website to try it out. Another on a social media site, before you know you it you don’t know what you have out there everywhere and your cohesive brand never happens.

Branding doesn’t have to be hard. It just has to be consistent. The hard part is getting all the sites set up really, which indeed can be tedious and time consuming.

Your grand idea

You’ve had this idea in your head for a long time. Or you simply want to get into the internet marketing space. But suddenly, you’ve stopped all your forward movement over branding.

We see it all the time. We also see the businesses who do well. One of the the biggest keys is just getting a brand look and color done and putting it out there. Quickly. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Then add these elements with your writing voice, with video, with the content you put out about your service or product.

What makes you different?

What do you offer?

Why are you doing it?

These are the things that will glue together all the elements of your brand. These are the things that will bring your brand to life.

Be Everywhere

Have you ever heard, “be everywhere” when it comes to internet marketing?

It’s true. Sounds overwhelming but with a good branding plan in place you can do this.

Step #1 is to go out and get all the social media accounts you can with that match your brand name. There are literally hundreds of accounts you can sin up for but the majors are:

  • Google+ Page
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

Make sure all of your profiles match. Be on brand.

Your Story

The thing about a brand is truly it’s about your story. Why do you do what you do, sell what sell? Branding really gives you a chance to put your stamp on your own unique version of what you do. It is what people will buy.

You could sell anything really (authentically). As long as you are consistent. As long as people recognize you time after time, and on the internet that means have a consistent brand logo and colors, and you consistently put your story and your products out there, you’ve got a winner!

Brand Colors

Your brand colors will bring out emotion. Color offers an instant way to convey meaning and message without words.

Color Emotion Guide

From Visually.

Ideas to Get Your Brand Done

  • Create it yourself.  *This can be more difficult that one would think. Even well knowm designers have a hard time creating their own brand logo, often times it’s hard to simplify the process and look.
  • Get a creative friend to help you. *This can work out well or be a nightmare depending on their need to be right and how quickly they get it done.
  • Hire a design intern. *This can be cost effective and fun but may be dependent on the availability of schools in your area.
  • Hire a brand designer. *Expect to pay 2-10K
  • Steal someone else’s you like. *Only kidding!! This is a really bad idea and the way the internet works today you will end up in a legal ordeal. 10-100K
  • Buy a brand done for you. *Starting at 1K and up you could be off and running with a website and social media already working for you for less the the price of a simple logo!

If you’ve been dreaming of your own internet startup, make it easy on yourself. Check out our done for you Buy and Instant Brand Today!